We are a bespoke travel atelier. Our journeys are crafted by hand, tailoring each experience to the traveler’s needs and desires. That’s why it’s a pleasure to listen to you and advise you to design a unique experience for you.

We are passionate about traveling and explore the world for inspiration. At the moment, we have traveled through 84 countries across five continents, and we dream of adding more destinations and increasingly unusual and innovative experiences to surprise you.

Services that provide added value

In our atelier, trip organization is essential, but so are ideas for enjoying it. Therefore, based on our previous experience, we offer recommendations on restaurants, shopping, shows, surprising places to visit, and the latest trends in the world of travel. Additionally, we maintain direct contact during your journey so you don’t have to worry about anything. Because, true to the star that gives us our name, it is a pleasure to guide, orient, and accompany you on your path.

Our principles and travel philosophy:

We promote sustainability and the preservation of local communities. That’s why our trips are designed alongside an extensive network of correspondents or local providers worldwide so that travelers can directly contribute to the local economy.

We also advocate for deep intercultural respect, as well as responsible tourism that cares for the environment. This is demonstrated by our collaboration with various international programs and foundations (such as the Song Saa Foundation, Tengah Island Conservation, and Wildlife Reforestation in Caño Negro), and our personal visits to several schools and hospitals in Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, or the Amazon.

We design journeys with soul, and the name of our atelier reflects that. Nashira is one of the brightest stars in the Capricorn constellation. Its name comes from Arabic and means “the fortunate” or “bringer of good news”. Stars in the sky used to help navigators orient themselves during voyages to discover new lands. So, as a nod to that quest for unknown places, Nashira was born, with the aim of offering you exclusive travel experiences away from conventional tourism.



We are very clear that our best ambassadors are you, our clients. We strive to ensure that you have a memorable experience, and it shows: we have been winning the Wedding Awards from bodas.net in the honeymoon category for several consecutive years. We are very proud that our dedication receives this recognition!


Helena Areta, founder and CEO of Nashira. A passionate globetrotter who has traveled across all five continents and who, since her early childhood, dreamed of exploring the  world, collecting a multitude of photos, stamps, and postcards from every corner of the planet. An avid reader of fascinating tales of adventurous women like Rosita Forbes,
Isabelle Eberhardt, and Freya Stark.

As Saramago said, ‘The goal of one journey is just the beginning of another journey.’ That’s why at Nashira, one journey hasn’t ended before we’re already dreaming of the next one, driven by our inexhaustible wanderlust. Travel has become our philosophy of life and a source of happiness, both for ourselves and others. Because, believe us, the feeling of traveling to inspire others and help them fulfill their dreams is indescribable.


'If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal.' (Paulo Coelho).