The melting pot of cultures in this beautiful continent gives rise to the so-called ‘Africa syndrome,’ which consists of falling blindly in love with its stunning landscapes and untamed wildlife, yearning to return time and time again.

Why not enjoy the same aerial view as Karen Blixen, the protagonist of ‘Out of Africa’? We offer you the opportunity to land by light aircraft in Masai Mara or to witness the sunrise aboard a hot air balloon, drifting over the endless plains of the African savanna.

We suggest a few days of beach relaxation as the ultimate luxury, whether it’s in the Lamu Archipelago, Songo Songo, the Quirimbas, Seychelles, or on some private island we will unveil to you. For adventurers, the Kalahari Desert with its imposing orange dunes is an ideal option, as is encountering mountain gorillas.

In the African continent, you can also meet tribes such as the Himba, Swazi, San, Samburu, or Maasai.

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The spectacular African skies are tinged with reddish hues at sunset, resembling the most beautiful bonfire. Speaking of bonfires, we propose some unique experiences such as enjoying an authentic boma (fire) under the stars, chatting about our experiences on the photographic safari, and entertained by local songs, just as we did in a private reserve in South Africa. In South Africa, there are also charming retreats to enjoy its fantastic wine tourism. This country is a strategic point to experience the majesty of Victoria Falls or Eswatini, where thanks to its festivals, one can participate in the most traditional Swazi culture.

Waking up in a beautiful tent in The Sahara at sunrise will make you rub your eyes to see if it’s a mirage. The magic of silence is a unique experience, and the starry sky, free from light pollution, is simply unforgettable. Similarly, camping in the White Desert in Egypt, considered by many as the most beautiful on the planet, is an experience not to be missed. Our experience there was very authentic thanks to our expert Bedouin guides. We soared over the legendary Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon at dawn and sailed aboard a felucca on the Nile River. We lived among Nubians and visited different oases along our 4×4 journey. For those seeking a bit of relaxation, in addition to navigating the Nile
River, we’ll suggest some boutique accommodations to enjoy the Red Sea.

The best of Madagascar isn’t its paradisiacal beaches, nor the coral reefs we flew over to reach the private island of Tsarabanjina, nor even its friendly lemurs or the opportunity to swim with whale sharks… Undoubtedly, its greatest treasure is its endearing people, whom we got to know during our journey through the country by visiting several schools and hospitals.

We took the Jungle Train that passes through several villages; we didn’t hesitate to put on harnesses to enjoy the unique landscape of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, and neither did we hesitate to sail aboard a dhow to reach the most beautiful and unknown beaches of this fascinating country.

We had fun moments where caipirinhas, zebu, and seafood were never lacking, surprising us on a pristine beach in the Pangalanes Channel.

We are not the only ones who fell in love with Madagascar. We invited the influencer Gotzon Mantuliz to live this memorable experience, and here we leave you with a summary of what he experienced and felt there. Hopefully, it transports you to this dream destination!

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