This surprising and magical continent, birthplace of the Inca and Mayan cultures, treasures the Amazon, the largest tropical rainforest in the world and the planet’s largest lung.

We suggest you follow in our footsteps and stay in a treehouse suspended 25 meters above the Amazon River to enjoy the pink dolphins, spot white caimans at night, walk discovering medicinal plants, and visit indigenous communities with whom to share their traditional way of life. After this experience, our respect and love for Pachamama grew.

Equally unforgettable was the stunning panoramic view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas from the Sky Lodge capsules, a hanging hotel 400 meters above
accessed by a via ferrata. Waking up and watching the sunrise from one of its capsules is unique.

For those wishing to nostalgically relive romantic and luxurious 19th-century train journeys, we suggest boarding the legendary Hiram Bingham train to
discover an exclusive experience, just as we did on our return from Machu Picchu.

We met an Andean shaman officiating an ancestral ceremony with the Andes as a backdrop and also enjoyed Pachamanca cooked in the old-fashioned way.
Andean serenades accompanied us both in the mountains and on a remote island of Lake Titicaca, where we met very friendly people and delved into the
interesting Aymara culture. We visited a local school where the children’s smiles will always remain in our hearts.

The Peruvian desert surprised us, and having Carlos, a friend and technical assistant of the Dakar, was a privilege. On board his 4×4, we could witness his skill driving through those towering dunes and were spectators of a beautiful sunset in that sea of sand.

At nightfall, we gazed at a beautiful sky full of stars from a tent in a remote location and experienced the luxury of having a renowned chef cook ‘on-site’ for us. Gastronomy is undoubtedly a huge attraction to visit Peru, as its cuisine is a world reference.

In such a wonderful journey, not all moments are adrenaline-filled, and a great final touch can be relaxation on some surprising beaches.

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We were fortunate to discover some of the most beautiful corners of Patagonia by crossing the Andes from Chile to Argentina on an unforgettable journey.

In Chilean Patagonia, we stayed at a lodge that was featured in a BBC documentary because it offers exclusive activities such as heliskiing on the surrounding volcanoes.

We also stayed at a glamping site with breathtaking views of some of the most enticing peaks of the Andes; from there, we embarked on several treks discovering lakes, fjords, glaciers, and dreamlike landscapes.

Another charming accommodation we enjoyed was inside a biological reserve, in a beautiful treehouse hotel inspired by the magical world of fairies, and in a boutique hotel with front views of an imposing and famous volcano.

After driving along Chile’s End of the World Route, we managed to reach the Magallanes region and the Chilean Antarctic, where penguins are some of its most endearing inhabitants. And an aerial experience we loved was helicopter flying over the Devil’s Throat at Iguazu Falls.

For those interested in relaxing on the beach, we know boutique accommodations in Brazil. We also have proposals for delving into the wonderful Chilean and Argentine wine tourism by sleeping among vineyards and enjoying infinity pools with stunning views. And to discover even more remote paradises, Robinson Crusoe Island and Easter Island are excellent destinations.

In Alaska, our helicopter landing on a majestic glacier, accessible only by air, was unforgettable. We sailed through the Kenai Fjords accompanied by a marine biologist who enlightened us about the orcas that crossed our path. Another unique aerial experience is bear watching, where you can take a seaplane to observe them fishing for salmon.

We will always remember the sound of the Aialik Glacier breaking apart. In addition to being auditory witnesses, we were fortunate to capture photographically that brief but magical moment.

The reward of traversing ‘the last frontier,’ as Alaska is known, is driving through unforgettable landscapes with hardly anyone in sight. Inuit culture is very present in both Alaska and Canada, with Labrador and Baffin being remote examples of all the beauty that the Canadian Arctic can offer.

United States of America is another destination adorned with incredible national parks and stunning landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon viewed from a helicopter or the glaciers and geysers of Wyoming and Montana. The experiences you can have are countless, from visiting ranches, attending a legendary NBA game, enjoying Mardi Gras and live jazz in New Orleans, to experiencing an authentic gospel service, the best bagels in New York, or a dinner with the best views of the city…

Shopping addicts will be tempted at the outlets of top brands in Orlando and Miami, both cities located in Florida. This American state is the capital of theme parks and golf, but it also offers natural attractions such as the Florida Keys or its hot springs, where you can feel the stars closer at the Kennedy Space Center.

We can also organize a wedding in the purest Elvis Presley style, or of course, introduce you to the best corners of Hawaii, many of which are settings for famous series and movies, the aerial view of which from a helicopter is an unforgettable memory.

In Costa Rica, we embarked on a horseback riding adventure accompanied by a guide from the Maleku tribe to explore a still little-known jungle area, understanding, for example, the sacred meaning of the ceibo tree for the Guatusos, learning about permaculture, or through a night hike, discovering the fauna that is most active at dusk.

The moments of relaxation were unique in the private jacuzzi of our villa overlooking the jungle and in the infinity pool with views of Lake Nicaragua on the horizon. Navigating the river, we crossed into Nicaragua, and upon our return, we slept in a treehouse where howler monkeys woke us up every morning.

Other unforgettable sunrises and sunsets were experienced in a stunning villa with a private pool atop an island with the best views of the Gulf of Nicoya. There, we discovered the phenomenon of bioluminescence. As a finale, we also practiced surfing and yoga at a new retreat by the seaside, offering an unforgettable holistic experience.

To discover the best beaches in Cuba without the tourist crowds typical of many cays, we decided to rent a sailboat with a captain and chef on board. After a long journey through The Canarreos Archipelago, we discovered spectacular paradises, swam among nurse sharks, enjoyed authentic mojitos on the open sea, and witnessed sunrises and sunsets of almost unreal beauty.

We still remember the lively party with live music we were invited to at one of the ports where we docked. We danced into the night, unable to keep our feet from flying to the beat of that cheerful music.

There were also many fun moments where I was invited to sing and dance on the iconic Malecón of Havana thanks to our good friend José, who made Havana our second home. We will always remember the rides in classic convertible cars there, and of course, the countryside experiences, where we were shown everything from the art of handcrafting cigars to intensely green landscapes.

In America, we were also captivated by ‘Mexican Polynesia,’ a destination that will pleasantly surprise you, as well as other very special and less typical islands in countries like Belize, Saint Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Saint Kitts and Nevis, the most beautiful archipelagos of Panama, or even private islands in Colombia or Nicaragua like Calala Island.

We have a wide range of accommodations, from charming pousadas in Brazil to breathtaking overwater accommodations; you’ll have to pinch yourselves to make sure it’s not a dream.

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