It is an immense and distant continent that evokes mystery, populated by smiles that spontaneously welcome the traveler, making them feel at home. The famous Asian luxury is another of its countless attractions that even satisfy the most discerning travelers.

Until a few decades ago, tourists were not allowed to enter Myanmar, the Kingdom of Mustang, the Forbidden City of Beijing, or Bhutan. This latter country, straddling the ancient and innovative, continues today without surnames or traffic lights.

The legacy of ancient Asian culture and the wisdom contained in old proverbs coexist in perfect harmony with the most cutting-edge modernity in cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Shanghai.

In this continent, you can live unforgettable experiences, such as observing orangutans in Borneo and following in the footsteps of Marco Polo on the Silk Road.

India holds an intoxicating exoticism and mysticism. The senses awaken through spices, inhaling the scent of incense burning in ancient temples, and with colorful saris and snake charmers and dancers. In this country, you will be seduced by its dreamlike palaces and monuments, and you can stay in an authentic palace in Rajasthan. You can admire its lush nature cruising the waters of Kerala aboard an authentic backwater
boat. And for yogis and yoginis, a mandatory stop on your transformative journey is Rishikesh.

If you want to feel closer to heaven and touch it with your fingers, Nepal is the undisputed roof of the world, land of yaks and multiple mantras.

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We attended a private Buddhist protection and blessing ceremony officiated on a private island in Cambodia. In Angkor, we discovered the mystical world of the apsaras. And we explored the Koh Rong archipelago in search of lesser-known paradise beaches.

Another proposal that we love is Japan. We offer you the possibility of staying overnight in a Buddhist monastery, discovering its sacred forests, and enjoying the art of maikos in a traditional tea ceremony. A very special experience we had in Japan was an impressive kaiseki dinner at a Ryokan dating back almost four centuries of history.

We were welcomed with a resounding gong and provided with traditional clothing to immerse ourselves even more in the authentic atmosphere that prevailed there. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxing, as they have a traditional onsen by the river that we could access from our room for private use.

Another great experience in the Land of the Rising Sun took place in a cabin with direct views of the iconic Mount Fuji. Our day there began with a tai chi class in the middle of the forest. At night, the sounds of the forest blended with the concert of traditional flutes and drums that we attended around a campfire.

After our time in Vietnam, we organized treks away from tourism, based on our experience exploring beautiful landscapes amidst rice terraces accompanied by authentic ethnic groups such as the Dzao.

We got to know the various villages and ethnic markets as locals, where bartering is the main exchange method among the locals. We visited homes and schools and participated in traditional cooking classes. We can assure you that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in Asia!

Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s treasures, and we explored it aboard a June Bahtra boat where it’s possible to practice tai chi at dawn, enjoy kayaking on its emerald waters filled with karst rock formations, or simply relax with an essential oil massage. Through the legendary Mekong Delta, we navigated on a private xanpan and explored beautiful landscapes by bike.

Vietnam is also known for its tailors and exquisite quality fabrics. In this country, we have a wide range of professionals at your disposal to make your dream outfit a reality, and you can also avail yourself of the services of a personal shopper.

We will surprise you with unique places and accommodations so exclusive that they will make Asian luxury an experience you can live firsthand.

Sri Lanka is the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine, sacred enclaves, and ancient temples. We will recommend places where you can heal body and soul in unparalleled beauty spots that we were able to discover through the invitation of Resplendent Ceylon and the team at Ceylon Tea Trails, who took care of us with such affection and dedication.

Thanks to them, we were able to wake up amidst tea fields, in a colonial-style cottage where we enjoyed an immersion into the world of tea at the highest level. Another sensory delight awaits on the journey between Nuwara Eliya and Ella, which has been rated as one of the most beautiful scenic train rides in the world.

At the Esala Perahera festival, you can relive ancient traditions, on safaris you will have the luck to encounter the undisputed protagonist of the country’s wildlife, the leopard, or in its dreamy mountains, you will have the opportunity to stay in an exclusive villa for hiking, yoga, and finish with a relaxing shirodhara massage.

Asia boasts paradisiacal beaches where, in addition to the relaxation of enjoying aromatic massages in top-notch accommodations and romantic candlelit dinners, there is also room for water activities.

The Maldives atolls are an aquatic paradise for diving enthusiasts. There, we swam among turtles and huge manta rays, and we were fortunate to enjoy this marine beauty from a new perspective, provided by the seaplane journey.

In The Philippines, it’s possible to swim with whale sharks, and in Indonesia, there’s another aquatic paradise, Raja Ampat. Enjoying the wild horses of Sumba and feeling the pink sand of Pink Beach beneath your feet at sunset are experiences you will undoubtedly cherish forever.

Jordan, The West Bank, and Israel surprised us with magical moments impossible to forget. Jordan is much more than the famous Treasury of Petra or even Wadi Rum, one of the most beautiful deserts on the planet. We were incredibly fortunate to explore it alongside Nizar, a renowned war correspondent and historian who has worked as a guide for international figures from various fields, and thanks to him, our time in Jordan was truly special.

Highlights included privately enjoying a Bedouin dinner on a remote desert promontory in Wadi Rum at sunset. We slept in a transparent bubble with a heated jacuzzi from which we watched the stars at nightfall. And at dawn, the best way to start the day is to meditate with bare feet buried in the desert sand while a profound sense of peace envelops your soul.

We also enjoyed the best spa in the Middle East during our stay at the Dead Sea. We walked through historic Jerash, imagining its ancient splendor, and marveled at each of Jordan’s ancient temples.

Historical and deeply spiritual places like Bethany, Bethlehem, and of course, Jerusalem, left an indescribable feeling as we wandered through their amalgamation of neighborhoods (Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Arab), all imbued with a special energy palpable at every moment. And as the climax of the journey, a silver ring adorned with a beautiful blue aventurine, the stone of the stars… Destiny or coincidence?

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